English Extravaganza!


Class of 2018

It may have been a little dreary outside on September 9th, but inside Ness Auditorium, students and faculty were engaging in meaningful conversations about Wittenberg’s English Department.  With the help of the Student Advisory Group in English (SAGE), the English Department hosted the annual English Extravaganza to celebrate the community of English majors/minors, Creative Writing minors, and Journalism minors.  According to Junior Jessica Hamm, the event was “a night of food, friendship, and fun”:

“This year, the event comprised of a pizza, games, and movie night. Students and faculty sat around tables in Ness Auditorium, playing a variety of board games, eating pizza, and talking/getting to know the other students in the department.
Every year, the English department hosts this event as a way for both declared majors/minors and those considering a major or minor to interact with each other as well as with the faculty, to have a fun night away from the stress of school and to celebrate the field about which all are passionate. And it is always exciting when students ask the head of the department to sign papers to declare their majors/minors.
As always, the best part of the evening was getting to meet new or potential English majors/minors, and to welcome them to the wonderful little family that is the English department.”
Class of 2017

Class of 2017

Sophomore Stone Gibson, Theatre/English double major and Environmenal Policy/Management minor shared why the event is important to the department:

“What was special to me about the Extravaganza was the ability to connect with fellow students (some of whom I had not even realized were majors). We got to become acquainted with new people in the department and reconnect with those who have come far. Although I have not had the chance to take another course these past few semesters, it was refreshing to return to the environment and see some faces of past classmates. I had taken ENGL-200 (now ENGL-270) with Dr. Incorvati in the spring of 2014, my senior year of high school, through the SCE.  It was an immersive experience, venturing through beautiful texts from Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf, with everyone sharing their interpretations to the class. I immediately fell in love with the freedom of department, as well as the minds that keep it running. This was only reaffirmed by our gathering on Wednesday: having the opportunity to play board games, discuss literature, and eat large quantities of pizza brought in our cohesively diverse community.  What tied us all together were the faculty members, who introduced themselves and the department to new students and checked in on their advisees. Looking back on the Extravaganza, I am happy that I chose to be a major, and I hope to take another class next semester.”

The English Extravaganza is one of the many events that make the Wittenberg English Department, “the fun department.”  More events are planned for the future; check out the Colloquia schedule for a list of all the events planned to make 2015-2016 a great year for all things English at Wittenberg.

Class of 2016

Class of 2016


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