Witt Writing Center Advisors Go West

Witt Advisors

From left to right: Emily Rayens, Vivian Overholt, and Zoey Wilson

The first weekend of November brought excitement and butterflies to director of the Wittenberg Writing Center, Dr. Mike Mattison, and three advisors.  The four traveled west to present at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing.  Read on to hear more about their experience from Dr. Mattison:

On Thursday, November 5th, three advisors from the Wittenberg Writing Center—Emily Rayens, Vivian Overholt, and Zoey Wilson—flew out to Salt Lake City for the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. This event, which drew over 500 participants from writing centers across the country (and around the world), offered a chance for the advisors to hear from others about how they work with writers. There was an opening night reception at the Grand Hotel, sponsored by the Salt Lake Community College Writing Center, and then the conference itself began on Friday morning. That day, all three of the Wittenberg advisors gave well-received presentations of their own. Emily examined the learning process of students in our English 242: Writing Center Theory and Practice course; Vivian and Zoey considered community outreach from the writing center, looking specifically at several Wittenberg projects. In addition, Vivian was awarded a Burkean Parlor Grant, one of four handed out nationally, and Emily received a Registration Grant, one of ten awarded. Both of them were recognized at the luncheon on Friday, which featured a keynote address from Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney, a professor of composition at Ball State.


Of course, part of the fun of a conference comes from exploring the city where it’s held, and this trip was no different. There was an excellent lunch at Eva’s Bakery, in downtown Salt Lake. Homemade bread and macaroni and cheese were the favorites, along with a plate of stuffed French toast. Then, there was the Leonardo Museum, which provided some hands-on activities, as well as a stunning view of the city skyline from the roof. The trip was capped off on Saturday by dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, as the Witt contingent was part of a group of over fifty advisors from Boise State University, Wabash College, the College of Western Idaho, and Renaissance High School.

Next year’s conference will be held in Tacoma, Washington, on Puget Sound, and, with luck, we’ll again have some Wittenberg advisors along for the ride.

– Dr. Mike Mattison


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