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Summer is rapidly approaching, which means finding a summer job and even a coveted summer internship might be on the forefront of your mind. Internships are important in networking and gaining valuable experience that will help you when you leave the hallowed halls of Wittenberg University and enter the world beyond our special bubble. Thankfully, Wittenberg has many resources to help you land the summer internship you’ve been looking for.

Wittenberg’s Job & Internship Board is for “Students and Alumni job and internship seekers wishing to post their résumé, look for opportunities and research companies.” It’s the perfect first stop for you in your internship/job hunt.

Don’t know where to begin?  Let us give you a little rundown of how it works:

Request Your Login Information

In order to register, contact Career Services at to request your username and password. They will email you back with information regarding how to login to the system. Once you do this proceed to step two…

Login and Update Your Profile

The Job Seeker login will then ask you to update your profile. In addition to general information, you will also be asked to update your Demographic Information, Skills, and Additional Information, such as your job preferences and industry interests.


Change Profile

Edit your profile

Begin Searching

Now you’re ready to start searching. Follow the Job Search link to the Job Search homepage. Here you can enter in any keywords and choose a position type. Let’s try it out, shall we?

Homepage JIB

Wittenberg Job & Internship Board Homepage

Keyword…let’s try writing! We are English people after all, so we love to write. And then, let’s choose internships (as you can see, though, there are several kinds of jobs you can search for, but for the sake of this post, let’s stick with Internships). Conducting a Keyword and Position Type search aren’t the only neat features, though. You can also select Advanced Search for more options.

Job Search Homepage

Job & Internship Board Job Seach


Voila! Here are several internships to choose from that all deal with writing. Hmm, that Smithsonian Social Media Intern looks fascinating. Let’s learn more, why don’t we?

Search Results

Search Results

So this internship is 20 hours a week and unpaid. It’s located in Washington D.C. It also includes intern duties as well as requirements. If you keep scrolling, there is more information about this internship.

Smithsonian Social Media Intern

Job Posting Details

But, maybe you want more information about The Smithsonian Associates. Not a problem. Click on the title, and you’ll be taken a different page with a description of the company.

Smithsonian Page

Company Details

Career Shift

The Job & Internship Board database is great because it offers a connection to Wittenberg alumni looking for interns and employees. But, there is another resource you can use in your job/internship search. Instead of going to individual job sites, CareerShift take postings from several different sites and compiles them in their database.  Let us show you how incredible this resource is.  First, follow the CareerShift link under Career Resources on the Job & Internship Board homepage.

JIB Career Shift Link

Link to CareerShit

Time to Register

Before you can begin searching, you must register. And before you register, say thank you to Witt for paying for us to all have a membership with CareerShift.

Career Shift

CareerShift Login Page

After registration, you must go through a  similar process as before. Update your profile so it’s just as polished as your other one on the Job & Internship Board.

Home Page CS

CareerShift Homepage

Let’s Search

Next? You guessed it. Let’s search writing and internships again, and let’s see what we find. How about we do the same thing we did last time? Writing as a keyword and Internships as our job type. What do we find…

Job Search CS

CareerShift Search page

Look at that, an Entertainment and Sports Relation Intern, and not any old internship, this is an internship with the Make A Wish Foundation of America! Cool stuff. We definitely want to learn more. Let’s click on the link.

Results of Career Shift Search

Search Results

Okay, so here is one difference between the Job & Internship Board and CareerShift. CareerShift links you to the internship’s original posting on the company’s website. Since you’re on the actual company website, not only can you learn more about the internship, but you can also learn more about the company you could be working for. Thanks CareerShift!

Entertainment & Sports Relation Intern

Original Job Posting

After reading through that job description, this internship looks like one you might want to apply for. However, maybe you want to get your resume and cover letter perfect before applying, but you don’t want to lose the job. Click save job under the original link from the CareerShift search results, and then add it to a folder. Let’s make a separate one for internships, but you can title them as you like: writing, marketing, social media, summer etc.

Make a folder CS

Make a folder and save to it


There you have it. The reader’s digest version to just two of the extremely helpful resources from Career Services. But there is so much more these sites and Career Services as a whole have to offer. For more information and to schedule an appointment to sit down and talk about these resources and opportunities, email

Looking for more? Check out these tutorials for both the Wittenberg Job & Internship Board and CareerShift:

You can also keep informed with all that’s happening in Career Services, such as internship fairs and job postings, by following their blog or liking them on Facebook!

– Camila Quinones ’17


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