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It’s no secret we have some of the best alumni in the nation.  From helping with resumes, to offering job experience advice, they want to see current students succeed.  Want to know how you can easily find alumni from your same major, living in the city you want to live in, and working at a place you’d love to be at one day?  Check out a new app called EverTrue!

According to our Alumni Relations office, EverTrue includes:

  • Alumni directory searchable by name, class year, college or company
  • Ability to search for nearby alumni, with results displayed on a map
  • Integration with Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Access to a list of your classmates
  • Ability to email or call an alumni directly from the app
  • Access to upcoming alumni events and news
  • Authorized member verification log in

EverTrue is an app specifically designed to help current students and alumni better connect with each other, and even better, it’s extremely easy to use.  Here’s how:

  • Download the EverTrue app (It’s available for both Androids and iPhones!)
  • Select Wittenberg University
  • You can either connect through your LinkedIn profile or make your own profile
  • Once you’ve created your profile, a request will be sent to allow you full access
  • Find yourself approved, begin your search, and start making valuable connection

Should you have any questions about the app, please contact:

Linda Beals – Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement:


Sam Speyer – Assistant Director, Alumni and Parent Engagement:

Wittenberg wants its students to succeed.  EverTrue is another incredible resource that allows them to do so.


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