English Extravaganza!

Wednesday September 21 was the department’s annual English opening party, a time for students and faculty to come together and celebrate the start of another year.


English Department Chair, Dr. Lori Askeland, speaks with students

Both declared and considering English majors and minors, plus Creative Writing and Journalism minors attended the event.  They learned a little bit more about what the year has in store as well as enjoyed each others company.


Students enjoying each others company and discussing the current colloquia schedule

There was time for games with students and faculty.  Notice Dr. Inboden in the pale blue shirt joining in on the fun.


Plus, there was pizza.  Boxes upon boxes of glorious pizza.


Yum.  Pizza.

But students mostly looked forward to taking class pictures at the end of the event:


The sophomores had fun posing as Charlie’s Angels.

But for a select group of students, these pictures were their last ones.


Presenting the English majors of the class of 2017

It’s going to be a great year with some really amazing people.


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