“Ask. Offer. Connect with the Witt Network.”

Switchboard: “an installation for the manual control of telephone connections in an office, hotel, or other large building.”


However, Switchboard means a very different thing to current Wittenberg students.  Recently launched, Switchboard is an interactive site that allows students to connect with alumni in a more personal way than LinkedIn.  The site gives them the opportunity to post “asks”, which are questions concerning internship/job help or calls for advice.  The possibilities are endless.  One student, for example, posted an “ask” as she was searching for housing in Chicago for her internship.


Two alumni commented quickly, sharing advice and internet links to sublets and university summer housing.  Voila, the student had direct help from willing alumni.

In addition to the “ask” feature, people may also use the “offer” feature to share available jobs/internships and different opportunities.


For instance, one student posted an offer for a graphic designer, while another alumni posted an offer for a summer internship.

Plus, there have been a couple offers for virtual resume/cover letter reviews as well as advertisements for campus opportunities.  Like I said, the possibilities are endless.

What’s even better is that joining is easy.  Simply go to wittenberg.switchboardhq.com and sign up.  You’ll find the site extremely easy to navigate, and who knows?  It may be a stepping stone toward your future.







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