Writing about the Writing Center

When taking on the honors thesis, usually people think about their favorite author or work to write about.  However, this senior realized she couldn’t write about something she wasn’t passionate about.  Instead, she took a step back, surveyed her Wittenberg experience, and found the perfect thing to write about:

I love being an English major, but I began to panic when I realized that I did not feel pulled towards one period or style of writing over the others; I thought my thesis was supposed to reflect my passions within the major, and though I have enjoyed every class within the department, none of them truly fit the description. But that did not mean I was completely passionless. I have worked in the writing center since the fall of my sophomore year, and my college experience has been formed and shaped specifically by this experience.


I chose to do an honors thesis because it allowed me to think outside the box. I’ve visited writing centers at three other universities and interviewed staff members in their writing centers, as well as advisors in our own, to understand the similarities and differences between them all. Writing this thesis has been a great opportunity for me to reflect on the work I have done, and the ways others carry this work out similarly, all simultaneously finding our places in a broader community. Although it took me a while to figure it out, I have found a passion in the English department, and this passion will help me navigate the (horrifying/exciting) changes ahead.

– Sophie Hulen ’17


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