Just Like the Golden Globes

Last Thursday night, the place to be for the English department was Founders Pub.  Students and faculty gathered together to celebrate our wonderful major.  From a witty opening monologue by Dr. Mattison and some matching games with SAGE Presidents Meaghan Summers and Jessica Hamm, to literary awards for students and gag gifts for professors, the night was a memorable one.  And even though Dr. Mattsion did have some jokes about the stereotypes given to English majors, we wouldn’t change our experience for the world.

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Literary Awards were presented to:

English 101 Prize – Trevor Hoberty ’20

Sophomore Prize – Anissa Dan ’18

Senior Prize – Maria Symons ’17

Sherwood Anderson Prize for Fiction – Megan Winters ’17

Poetry – Chole Bruchett ’17

Playwriting/Screenwriting – Camila Quinones ’17

Non-fiction Prose – Maria Symons ’17

The Lester S. Crowl Creativity Award – Camila Quinones ’17


Faculty Awards:

The High Queen Award – Dr. Askeland

The Tough Guy Who’s Soft on the Inside – Dr. Hinson

Classic Villain – Dr. Mattison

The Good Guy – Dr. MacDonald

Barefoot Sage – Dr. McClleland

The Gentle Giant – Dr. Davis

The Moral Compass – Dr. Richards

The Street Performer – Dr. Battle

The One with the Horns and Pitchfork – Dr. Incorvati

The Rogue Wanderer – Dr. Polak

The Wise Old Sage – Dr. Buckman

The Storyteller – Dr. Inboden

The Eccentric Mentor – Dr. Fallon

The Narrator – Christina Reynolds


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