Saying Goodbye: Amanda Rogus ’17

Amanda Shakespeare

Wittenberg English department has given me a haven and a home for four years and has provided me the confidence to spread my wings and fly.  I entered Wittenberg four years ago knowing that I wanted to be a double major in English and Theatre.  What I did not know is that these majors would enable me to become the person that I am today.  Throughout my four years, I have had the blessing of getting my work published in Spectrum and have had counteless wonderful discussions with professors during their office hours.  Some of my greatest memories of Wittenberg occurred in the one-on-one conversations with the sensational professors in this department.  I am forever thankful for the wise advice I have received in the Hollenbeck halls.  Thank you Dr. Buckman, Dr. Hinson, Dr. Incorvati, and Dr. Askeland for being my second family.  Wittenberg’s English department has helped me get into the graduate school of my dreams.  I am leaving for MAry Baldwin’s MLitt and MFA Shakespeare and Performance Program determined and sure.  I know what I am destined to be and who I want to become.  The English department has enabled me to think deeper and dream beyond myself.  Thank you to every professor who helped me along in my Wittenberg literary journey, you have helped mold a strong storyteller and a destined dreamer and as Shakespeare says, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”



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