Internships and Job Resources

Searching for a summer internship or a job after graduation can be tough. But, thankfully, Wittenberg and the English Department offer some great resources to help you get connected to find the right opportunity for you.  Check out our list below of resources that could help you find the perfect opportunity for you.

Wittenberg’s Job & Internship Board and Career Shift

The Job and Internship Board is the perfect first stop in the internship/job hunt as job seekers post their resume to the site and use it to find opportunities.  In addition, CareerShift brings job openings from across several sites and compiles them into one database, so hundreds of new job openings are at your finger tips.

For more information about these resources, check out our past blog post regarding the sites or visit the Career Services webpage.

Looking for more? Check out these tutorials for both the Wittenberg Job & Internship Board and CareerShift.  You can also stay informed with all that’s happening in Career Services, such as internship fairs and job postings, by following their blog or liking them on Facebook!


Often called the Facebook for professionals, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start building a professional platform.  We’ve created a LinkedIn group, where, if you have a LinkedIn profile, you can join and engage in conversations with alumni.  Check it out here.


Launched in the Spring of 2017, Switchboard is an online discussion board where students and alumni can posts offers, questions, and asks.  Think of it like Craigslist meets LinkedIn, only everyone on the site is either a current student or a Wittenberg alum.  Join today because you never know what opportunities or help you may find.  Check it out here.